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Introducing Hosted VoIP Platform Madeenaplus, a leading international mobile VoIP provider, is pleased to announce the introduction of its Hosted VoIP Platform. The Hosted VoIP Platform provides a comprehensive set of cloud-based, tools which support all aspects of VoIP communications. MadeenaPlus has packaged this proprietary technology as an, end-to-end VoIP solution available for licensing by telecom partners. Madeenaplus provides mobile VoIP services that supply people around the world with high quality, affordable communications. Since 2004, Madeenaplus has been deploying its solution to international markets, and in 2011, 4 million people spoke for 1.7 billion minutes over the Madeenaplus network. The company is known today as the industry leader in VoIP communications in the Middle East and North Africa.).

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Country Minutes
India 800
Pakistan 400
Bangladesh - 8801 450
Nepal 977 100

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Brand Pin 23153

Brand Pin 23153

Brand Pin 23153

Brand Pin 5060

Brand Pin 19483

Brand Pin 22795

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